Lenovo outs skinny ThinkPads with 17-hour battery life

Lenovo T440
The T440s: it floats

Lenovo has taken the concept of 'all day battery life' to the extreme by outing new ThinkPad laptops at Berlin's IFA conference that can go for up to 17 hours using swappable battery technology.

The feature can be found in the Beijing-based laptop maker's new enterprise 14-inch T440s and T440 models. They get an efficiency boost though housing Intel's fourth generation i7 processor and can be fitted with a smart card reader for extra security.

Closing the divide between the chunky ThinkPads of old and more portable consumer ultrabooks, the new models are 20% thinner than previous outings and sport a 45% larger trackpad that supports Windows 8 gestures.

They can be equipped with a full-HD display, a 1TB HDD (or smaller SSD) drive, the latest AC 802.11ac WiFi and optional 4G connectivity.

Ultra tiny

Even slimmer is Lenovo's new ThinkPad X240, a diminutive ultrabook for road warriors that tips the scales at less than three pounds and measures 20.33mm.

It comes with a backlit keyboard, to the delight of nocturnal business warriors, and can be interacted with via its 12.5-inch full HD display (with optional touch).

They're joined by the company's new 14-inch ThinkPad S440 and 15-inch ThinkPad S540 offerings aimed at small business users, which also feature Haswell.

They can be equipped with up to 8GB RAM (S440) or 16GB (S540) RAM, feature full HD anti-glare touchscreens and can be boosted with discrete HD 8670M Graphics packing 2GB RAM.

They can also be used with Lenovo's OneLink connector, which allows for a single cable connection to the OneLink Dock, which includes USB 3.0, native video, Gigabit Ehternet while charging the model.

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