Google's $1,449 LTE Chromebook Pixel starts shipping April 8

Google Pixel
All those extra pixels are pricey

Anxious would-be Chromebook owners who've been wringing their hands wondering when their Pixel with LTE would ship will need not be patient much longer.

According to a listing on the Google Play store, the LTE-only Pixel starts leaving cargo docks (or wherever laptops are stored) April 8.

The 3:2 ultrabook in LTE flavor is only intended for U.S. residents and at $1,449, the demand for the laptop may not be overwhelming. The Wi-Fi-only version goes for $1,299, still quite a hefty amount.

However, for the extra cash customers do pick up 64GB of storage, so at least there's a bit of a consolation prize.

More prices

The Pixel has some very attractive perks, including a dazzling 12.85-inch touchscreen that stores 4.3 million pixels.

There's also a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 chip and 4GB of RAM, plus some strategically placed microphones to cut all the clatter of your surroundings.

And though LTE provides a nice boost in performance, there is the issue of paying data rates: GigaOM reports that though the extra $150 customers pay gets them 100MB of data a month for two years, to receive more users will need to pay $9.99 for an unlimited day pass, $20 for 1GB for one month, $35 for 3GB for one month and $50 for 5GB for one month.

The Pixel can also apparently be added to a Verizon Share Everything for $10 per month, a nice way to get connected on the cheap.

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