Fujitsu unleashes new super-secure Windows 10 hybrid, plus multiple laptops

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab R726

Fujitsu has (once again) announced an avalanche of new hardware aimed at businesses, including a new hybrid, laptops and desktop PCs.

The 2-in-1 machine is the Fujitsu Arrows Tab R726/M, a 12.5-inch Windows tablet with a detachable magnetic keyboard (pictured above).

With the keyboard attached, it's 14.7mm thick and weighs 1.25kg, and the hybrid's display has a full HD resolution.

The tablet has a kickstand so you can prop it up for showing off your presentations, and it boasts an encrypted SSD for storage and a built-in security chip that manages encryption keyS.

There's also an optional dock and the Tab R726/M can be specified with LTE on board.

Fujitsu has also produced a second tablet with a 13.3-inch display which is dust, water and chemical resistant, and can be configured with a number of different elements including a palm vein sensor for security, and a Clearsure remote data wipe solution.

Multiple LifeBooks

As for the new Windows laptops, both the LifeBook S936/M and LifeBook U745/M have palm vein sensors – these allow you to login to the OS just by holding your palm above the machine. They also have the Clearsure remote data deletion solution

There are five further LifeBook notebooks coming out – the E756/M, E746/M, E736/M, E556/M, E546/M – which boast what Fujitsu calls a "Family Concept" chassis. The idea here is that employees can share accessories such as docking stations or power adapters amongst each other regardless of their exact model.

Finally, the new desktop PC is the Esprimo K556/M, a Windows 10 machine powered by the latest Intel Xeon CPU – the company has also added a new model to its long-life PC range designed to last a decade, namely the Esprimo J529/FA which also has a Xeon processor.

The LifeBook laptops will start to roll out from this month onwards, with the Esprimo desktops due next month, and the Arrows tablet and hybrid coming in March.

The Arrows Tab R726/M hybrid is pitched at 147,300 Japanese Yen, which is around £880 (about $1,250, AU$1,830), with the LifeBook laptops starting from 231,000 Japanese Yen – that's £1,380 (about $1,970, AU$2,860).

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