Fujitsu targets enterprises with Lifebook E Series notebooks

Fujitsu Lifebook E Series
Fujitsu Lifebook E Series

Fujitsu has launched a new series of business noteboks designed to fit the needs of businesses users, offering multiple form factors and configurations.

It is serving up three LifeBook E Series laptops in 13-inch (E733), 14-inch (E743) and 15.6-inch (E753) variations, which all house 3rd-Generation Intel Core "Ivy Bridge" processors. No Haswell to be seen here, then.

However, the models do feature Intel's Turbo Boost Technology, which the company claims improves the performance of applications with an automatic burst of speed whenever the (processing) chips are down.

Fujitsu is aiming to maximise the laptops' appeal to IT managers by offering them in a range of configurations. Buyers can opt for Microsoft's WIndows 7, or its touchy feely successor, Windows 8, and both are compatible with the company's docking stations.

Additionally, all of the models feature Fujitsu's hybrid drives and modular bay design, which give users the choice of an optical drive, second battery, or weight saver module to give users the lightest possible travelling weight.

Security wise, the notebooks can be configured with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Finger Print Sensor, in addition to HDD and BIOS password protection.

Desktop contender

Edging closer to a desktop replacement, the Lifebook E763 features a 15.6-inch screen aimed at mobile professionals and a dedicated 10-key keypad, in addition to the features offered on its two smaller siblings.

In the name of consistency, Fujitsu has included an aluminium palm rest and a solid magnesium lid on all of the notebooks to bulk up on protection. Additionally, they all house WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, a full HD webcam, and integrated optional Smart Card reader.

The new Lifebook E-Series notebooks are available now at a starting point of $899. No word has been given yet on UK pricing.

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