Dell's new laptops opened by heat

Dell announces new Inspiron range of laptops, plus a new heat-sensitive opening device on its forthcoming Adamo XPS luxury lappy

Dell's new Adamo XPS super-skinny laptop is set to open by swiping a heat-sensitive strip along the front of the device.

Gimmick? Sure. A cool way to show off your expensive new Dell laptop? You bet. Does it make us want one just that little bit more? Of course it does...

The Adamo XPS's heat-sensitive strip is a clever addition to the company's luxury laptop range, although whether or not it will help them make a dent in Apple's ownership of this sector of the market remains to be seen.

No word on price or release date yet. But you can assume that they are not going to be cheap!

You want cheap?

Elsewhere in the world of Dell, the company is extending its thin and light 'Z' family of Inspiron laptops in Europe with the launch of the Inspiron 13z and 15z.

"Featuring thinner, lighter bodies, longer-lasting "power-sipping" batteries, and incredible performance, the new Inspiron 13z and 15z include stunning widescreen displays, ample hard-drive storage and a range of entertainment options, making it easy to take your entertainment on the road," claims Dell.

The new Inspirons measure in at just 26.4mm thin for the 13z and 29.2mm for the 15z, "both slim enough to fit in any bag," and featuring the new IntelCULV "for extended entertainment capability and Web surfing and are the first new Dell products to come with Microsoft's latest Operating System, Windows 7."

The Inspiron 13z is available from £479 and the 15z is available from £499

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