Microsoft Edge could be the secret weapon to boost your PC performance

Microsoft Edge
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Boosting your PC performance could get a welcome hand from Microsoft Edge, which is getting a new tool to help spot issues that could slow down your machine.

The new Performance Detector feature will help browser users debug performance issues caused by common problems such as running multiple windows or tabs.

These activities can lead to your device running slower, affecting battery life and user experience, but Microsoft says its new tool could spell an end to such worries.

Microsoft Edge Performance Detector

Performance Detector will be able to see any issues caused by unnecessary tabs or the use of extensions that may be hogging bandwidth.

When switched on, the tool will be able to monitor how Edge is running, and if it detects  any issues, can recommend actions or fixes. This will most likely be through pop-up alerts or notifications, but Microsoft has yet to confirm the exact details.

The feature is currently available to testers in the Microsoft Edge Canary scheme, meaning it should receive a wider public launch soon - although there's no concrete information on this just yet.

The tool will run alongside the existing Microsoft Edge efficiency mode, which looks to help users extend their battery life by minimizing how much power and system resources the browser uses.

This is done through a number of features, including setting background tabs into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity, and also fade sleeping tabs in order to save memory and CPU usage.

Microsoft says that engaging efficiency mode will help not only improve battery life on your device, but also allow whatever version of Windows you may be using to perform more effectively - although this will depend on exactly what device you are using.

Efficiency mode has also emerged in Windows Task Manager, where users can employ it to push the application in question down the priority list when it comes to system resource allocation, helping boost performance and battery life.

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