Microsoft Edge is finally upgrading one of its most useful features

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Tracking down the exact information you're hunting for on a Microsoft Edge web page could soon be easier than ever thanks to a super-useful upgrade.

The web browser has announced it is improving the "find on page" feature within Edge to include related matches alongside simply tracking down a specific word or term on your chosen site.

This means that Edge will catch up with the likes of Word and Notepad, which are able to offer related matches and search results in case you're interested in finding out more about a particular term.

Find in Edge

The feature has been spotted in the latest edition of Edge Canary, suggesting it's currently being tested ahead of a wider public rollout within the next few weeks.

Elsewhere, in a push to improve the user experience even further, Microsoft Edge is also reportedly getting a boosted "efficiency mode" to try and help give it an advantage over the competition.

WindowsLatest spotted that Performance Mode on Edge has been given a rebrand aimed at helping users extend their battery life by minimizing how much power and system resources the browser uses.

It will do so via a number of features, including setting background tabs into sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity, and also fade sleeping tabs in order to save memory and CPU usage.

This will help not only improve battery life on your device, but also allow whatever version of Windows you may be using to perform more effectively - although this will depend on exactly what device you are using.

Efficiency mode is currently rolling out on Microsoft Edge 95. The news comes shortly after Microsoft Edge also added features to help users compare prices, save money, check out reviews of products, and more - especially helpful this Black Friday.

In addition to saving money, Edge – in conjunction with Bing – can be used to earn rewards while shopping online, gaming, or even just searching the web.

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