Microsoft boosts UK cloud with 10 new Azure cloud services

(Image credit: Panumas Nikhomkhai / Pexels)

Microsoft has launched 10 new cloud computing services for its customers in the UK Azure regions. 

The new tools will aim to allow customers to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and bots to drive innovation, while also equipping them with the latest cybersecurity technologies. 

Two of the new services are Azure Bastion and Azure Confidential Computing. Bastion is a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS) which gives customers RDP and SSH access to their virtual machines directly via the Azure Portal - without exposure through public IP addresses. 

Confidential Computing, meanwhile, secures customer data while it is actively in use, in real-time. This allows multiple organisations to combine and analyse data sets without giving each other access to proprietary data.

 Azure cloud security 

Other offerings unveiled by Microsoft include Azure Private Link, which lets clients connect to its  Cloud without public internet access, and IoT Central, a secure app platform that connects customers with devices, partners, app templates and problem-solvers.

App Configuration, on the other hand, enables customers to centrally manage application settings. And, Bot Services helps develop bots to deal with customer queries, thereby enhancing customer experience.

Other new services include Consumption Plan Linux, Premium Plan Linux, Time Series Insights, and Virtual Network NAT.

“Microsoft continues to invest in our UK Azure regions to meet the growing needs of our customers,” said Michael Wignall, Azure business lead at Microsoft UK.

Jitendra Soni

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