MediTub walk-in bath

MediTub walk-in bath review
The wheelchair accessible tubs offered by MediTub are the best we've seen (Image credit: MediTub)

In our MediTub walk-in bath evaluation, we take a close look at the brand’s story, raising some concerns before evaluating the Meditub 3060WCA Series wheelchair accessible tub, which is our pick for best wheelchair accessible bathtub. Even if you’re not in a wheelchair, the 3060WCA series is a safe choice for anyone with severe mobility, as the door opens and allows you to sit into the tub rather than step over a threshold like other tubs. Then we evaluate the pricing and warranty.

About MediTub

Owned by Spa World Corp, a manufacturer of bath products with a number of brands, including Steamspa, Anzzi, and Atlantis Whirlpools, MediTub’s brand story is a little cloudy. According to, it was established in 2006 (but also says 2005 in the description), but according to the Better Business Bureau, it was established in 2010 and incorporated in 2013. When a company’s brand story doesn’t seem to line up, it’s good to be cautious.

In addition, MediTub claims to be the largest manufacturer of walk-in tubs in the US, but the lack of online reviews, company information, and amateurish website makes this a questionable assertion. (It may seem nitpicky to criticize a website’s design, but a website is really no different from a storefront. It needs to be meticulously designed to tell a brand’s story to develop credibility. So if it looks amateurish, then the products and service have a greater chance of being amateurish as well.) 

MediTub walk-in bath review

MediTub makes 16 walk-in tub types. (Image credit: MediTub)

That said, MediTub’s mission is to provide a safe and luxurious walk-in bathtub more akin to a spa than a bathtub at a reasonable price. And MediTub certainly delivers. The pricing isn’t exorbitant and they have models with all the spa features, like aromatherapy and chromotherapy. The few customer reviews we could find online are positive and they have an A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau (though this has more to do with how they respond to complaints than with how trustworthy or good the product is).

The best walk-in tub for wheelchair accessibility

Most of the walk-in tub manufacturers we evaluate make a wheelchair accessible tub. We like the Meditub 3060WCA Series wheelchair accessible tub because of the wide, outward swinging door that provides easy access to the seat. So whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, you can sit down before you have to step over the threshold, which minimizes the risk of tripping. 

The 65 gallon capacity isn’t as deep of a soaker as we’d like, but it’s low enough to not take up all the hot water in your water heater. That said, if you opt for the in-line heater, that wouldn’t be an issue anyway, as the heater keeps the bath warm.

All MediTub walk-in tubs are made of fiberglass over a steel frame, which is typically considered to be a lower quality material than acrylic on a steel frame, though MediTub argues fiberglass is easier to manufacture, making it typically more affordable, which is true. However, fiberglass is also not as durable. That said, it is lighter and available in a wider range of colors.

The tub doesn’t come with a quick drain system or quick fill faucet. These are common features with other walk-in tub manufacturers. This is a concern, as you don’t want to be sitting in tepid water as it takes 20 minutes to drain.

MediTub walk-in bath review

The wheelchair accessible models from MediTub are extremely safe to get into and out of. (Image credit: MediTub)

You can add the following options to the tub (these options are available for all MediTubs models).

MediTub Aromatherapy: This option adds an essential oils diffuser to the tub, allowing you to get soothing fragrances with your bath.

MediTub Hydrotherapy: The most popular option, these water jets massage muscles and joints with high-powered jets of water.

MediTub Air System: This works similarly to the water jets, except you’re massaged with air instead of water. The massage is gentler and more relaxing. Ideal for people with sensitive skin.

MediTub Chromatherapy: Colorful lights aimed at helping set the mood to help you relax in your tub.

MediTub Extension Kit: if you get a tub that’s shorter than the space you’re putting it in, then an extension kit fills in the space. For example, if you’re getting a 52-inch long tub but your old tub was 65-inches long, the extension kit fills the space to create a seamless look between the tub and the wall.

MediTub Inline Heater: Paired with the hydrotherapy water jets, this heater keeps the temperature of your water warm throughout the duration of your bath.

MediTub Headrest Pillow: An ergonomic pillow that attaches to the back of hte seat to provide added comfort.

MediTub HydroSystem: A deluxe hydromassage water jet with a powerful 1HP motor and inline heater.

Cost comparison

MediTub’s walk-in bathtubs are reasonably priced. The cheapest model is just $1,424.00, which makes it one of the most affordable walk-in bathtubs on the market. That said, it doesn’t have any of the optional features listed above. And perhaps most important, it doesn’t have a seat. If you’re having trouble getting into a bathtub, then you likely have trouble getting up from a lying down position in a bathtub. As such, you’d have to provide your own seat. It also doesn’t have grab-bars and isn’t ADA compliant, making this more of a luxurious soaker for people with excellent mobility than a tub for seniors with mobility issues..

On the high-end, MediTub tops out at about $5,665.00 for the Venzi wheelchair accessible tub. At this price, it’s still one of the most affordable walk-in tubs on the market. Of course, installation costs aren’t included with this price and this can be a concern, as the installation is a complicated process. This means you have to find the contractor yourself, hiring a plumber, electrician, and carpenter on your own.

MediTub walk-in bath review

The cheapest model of walk-in tub by MediTub is $1,424, but doesn't have a seat. (Image credit: MediTub)

MediTub’s warranty is ten years for the tub shell, frame, and finish and only extends to the first owner(a standard clause). All the components (motors, electrical, waste and overflow) have just a one-year warranty. Both of these lengths are disappointing, especially since their own website suggests you look for a walk-in tub with a lifetime warranty in the article on Acrylic vs Fiberglass.

Final verdict

MediTub’s cloudy brand story aside, the 3060WCA series tub is an excellent option for anyone with severe mobility issues. While it’s wheelchair accessible, meaning the door swings out and features grab bars for an easy transition, the design really makes it a great choice for anyone because you can sit right into the tub. No threshold to step over. And at a reasonable price, it’s competitively priced compared to similar walk-in tubs. That said, it’s made of fiberglass and not acrylic and the warranty is just 10 years, which is far less than the lifetime warranties offered by many brands.

While you can get all the luxury hydrotherapy feature options on your MediTub, like water jets, air jets, lights, aromatherapy, the MediTub doesn’t include a quick drain feature or a fast fill faucet, and this is a concern. You don’t want to be sitting in the cold waiting for your tub to fill or drain.

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