Many workers are taking unnecessary risks with their business devices

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Many employees fail to take basic precautionary steps to minimize the risk business devices are lost, stolen or damaged, a new report suggests.

According to Direct Line, which polled roughly 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom for the report, the vast majority (70%) of employees who commute to and from the office would happily leave their business devices (such as laptops or tablets) in plain sight during the journey, significantly increasing the risk of theft.

Less than a third (31%), meanwhile, ensure they keep their tech accounted for at all times, while just 28% make sure not to leave any tech in their car overnight. 

Almost all workers regularly eat and drink near their equipment, regardless the potential risk of spilling something over sensitive gear, while just 12% use a lockable or secure case to transport gadgets. 

Hybrid working increasing risks

Direct Line says the findings are particularly worrying, considering modern workers carry $2,000 worth of company-owned gear on average. The majority (66%) also carry a single piece of technology worth at least $680. 

What’s more, remote and hybrid working models are only increasing the risk of various devices being stolen or broken in transit, as employees are carrying more gear than ever before.

The majority (55%) expect to commute to the office at least one day a week and expect to travel with at least one piece of business-owned technology. Almost a third of these respondents (29%) are transporting equipment between their homes and offices more frequently than they did before Covid-19.

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