Lenovo launches TruScale as-a-Service

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Lenovo is making it easier for businesses to access data center hardware and services with the launch of its TruScale Infrastructure Services which allow organisations to use and pay for them without having to purchase the equipment.

As technology rapid evolves, businesses require the ability to integrate new technologies and workloads efficiently and seamlessly. Lenovo's new as-a-service offering allows them to do just that so they can focus on innovating within their organisation.

The company's new Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services is a new take on procuring IT resources via a consumption-based, subscription model where customers never take ownership of the hardware or other IT assets and instead pay for what they use each month as part of their operating expenses.

Lenovo's ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile product portfolios are available through its new offering which includes hardware installation, deployment, management, maintenance and removal.

Lenovo TruScale

TruScale offers a true consumption-based model with no required minimum capicty commitment and customers only pay for capacity when their workloads are actively running.

Additionally, capacity can either be scaled up or down to accommodate business needs which ensures that IT infrastructure is the right size all the time. Lenovo's new offering provides the advantages of cloud-like economics with the added security of on-premise hardware.

Lenovo Data Center Group's SVP and Chief Customer Officer, Roderick Lappin explained the company's decision to offer infrastructure as-a-service, saying:

“Lenovo is accelerating our customers’ Intelligent Transformation and digital journey by providing them with a new way of securing and deploying infrastructure. By eliminating the capital expense of purchasing IT equipment and replacing with a subscription model, customers can now focus on supporting their business growth, knowing that they’ll have the right flexibility across their environment. Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services combines the economic flexibility of cloud with the security of on-premise data, giving customers more agility, efficiency and simplicity in how they operate.” 

Lenovo TruScale as-a-service is available through the company's sales representatives and channel partners across the globe and interested businesses can learn more here.

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