Leaseweb teams up with Veeam over backup solution

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The web hosting and cloud services company Leaseweb Global has announced that it will integrate Veeam's backup solutions with its Leaseweb Cloud Services in order to help its customers expand internationally.

The new services are currently available in several Leaseweb locations worldwide including Amsterdam-1, Amsterdam-2, London and Frankfurt, though they will also be available in Washington D.C. before the end of the year. 

As a result of the extended partnership between the two companies, organizations will now be able to enter into new regions knowing that they have Veeam's backup solutions integrated with their cloud services from Leaseweb. 

Product manager at Leaseweb Global, Gonzalo de la Rocha explained in a press release how the partnership will enable companies to move their workloads to the cloud while keeping their data secure, saying:

“One current market trend is the expansion of the ‘as-a-service’ model. This is due to companies increasingly moving towards cloud solutions—be it private, public, or hybrid-or-multi cloud. The current global situation is a challenge for many companies. Most are feeling the need to both become more efficient while taking on the extra project of moving workloads to cloud models. At the same time, this large amount of data being moved to the cloud requires a leading technology to be properly managed and protected in terms of security and resiliency. Veeam allows us to offer the resiliency and control our customers need, available with no entry fees and under competitive OPEX models.”

Leaseweb and Veeam

Leaseweb and Veeam first partnered back in 2018 when Leaseweb launched its Backup-as-a-Service offering at its first cloud data center facility in Amsterdam. Since then, the company has grown its cloud offerings by increasing and improving its high-performing cloud services while continuing to offer them at a competitive price.

As Leaseweb's business grew, the company learned that its customers wanted to extend the deployment of these services into their global offices to ensure a close proximity to their customers while also maintaining full control of their data. 

Veeam was the obvious partner to make this happen and the company's senior territory manager, Bert Van Meel commented on the extended partnership, saying:

“This expansion of our Leaseweb partnership into new territories is taking place at a time when organizations need to guarantee the protection and management of their data more than ever before. Despite the circumstances, companies are continuing their digital transformation initiatives and have experienced the criticality of deploying cloud services—which includes data protection through reliable and expedient backup services. We are pleased to partner with an organization so committed to their customers’ success.”

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