Leaseweb bolsters cloud empire with ServInt acquisition


Cloud hosting giant Leaseweb, which offers all manner of web hosting and CDN services, has announced the acquisition of ServInt, a heavyweight provider of managed hosting based in North Virginia.

ServInt has been around for over 20 years and offers a range of managed VPS and dedicated server plans aimed at enterprises, alongside public, private and hybrid cloud products. The amount Leaseweb forked out for the company wasn’t revealed.

Leaseweb said the move had been made as part of a drive to increase its presence in the US, which has been an ongoing effort since Leaseweb USA (part of Leaseweb Global) first came to the American market back in 2011.

A number of acquisitions have been made since including picking up in 2013, and Nobis Technology Group three years later.

Those who are existing customers of ServInt will immediately be able to benefit from Leaseweb services, which span some 19 data centers across the globe (over four continents).

Seamless strength

Lex Boost, CEO of Leaseweb USA, commented: “We are delighted to welcome the ServInt team to Leaseweb to further strengthen our position in the USA. They hold a phenomenal track record on servicing and retaining their customers and their philosophy that a strong team makes a strong company fits ours seamlessly.

“With ServInt we added another building block to become a leading cloud services provider in the United States.”

We have previously reviewed Leaseweb’s CDN offering, and were suitably impressed by its feature-packed and highly configurable nature.

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