Leading VPN makes WireGuard configuration files available to anyone

ProtonVPN interface on various devices
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One of our favorite VPN services right now, ProtonVPN has reacted to the growing demand of its users by making WireGuard configuration files available to anyone.

The WireGuard protocol was already available for its Windows, macOS, Android and iOS apps. Now, users connecting through other systems can also benefit from this lightweight encryption. They will just need to download the configuration files directly from the provider's website.

"This is a feature that Proton fans and users had been asking for on social media and we made a concerted effort to give them what they wanted," the provider told us.

All ProtonVPN users can now enjoy the benefit of WireGuard

As the results of our latest VPN reviews show, ProtonVPN is a great service that keeps improving. And now the provider has  decided to meet the growing needs of its users by making WireGuard configuration files available for anyone to download directly from its website. 

The lightweight protocol is already built-in on its regular clients. But now, customers who wants to run ProtonVPN on other devices can set up WireGuard manually. 

As ProtonVPN explained to us: "Users with routers or on Linux were not previously able to enable the WireGuard protocol. Our new configuration files solve that problem and give them access to WireGuard - with all of its benefits, including speed and instant connectivity."

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Here's how to download WireGuard configuration files: 

  1. Log in to your ProtonVPN account on the sign in page.
  2. Head to the Downloads option and tap WireGuard configuration.
  3. Rename the configuration you are about to create.
  4. Then select your chosen platform, VPN options and server. It is worth mentioning that if you have a free account, you will only be able to choose VPN Accelerator as an option. 
  5. Click Create  

ProtonVPN Woreguard configuration page interface

(Image credit: ProtonVPN)

At this point you are all set up for downloading your WireGuard configuration file. Click on Download to save it on your device. 

As the configuration files are going to expire after an year, you can select the Extend button to prolong their validity by one more year before initiate the downloading process. 

Your file is now ready to be used to configure any WireGuard client that conforms to the open-source protocol standard for use with ProtonVPN. You can check the provider's tutorial to help you do that. 

Using WireGuard has several advantages

A relatively new entry in the field of VPN protocols - it was first released in 2019 - WireGuard has revolutionized the market with its lightweight and open-sourced code. This brought several advantages for its users.

The more stripped back design enables faster and better connection performance in contrast with other encryption protocols like the popular OpenVPN. This can even translate in to longer battery life for your device, too.

Being open-source means that the software codes are all available online on GiftHub for anyone to review and, possibly, fix any vulnerabilities. This actually boosts the safety of your VPN connections. 

Specifically to ProtonVPN, only connecting with the WireGuard protocol allows users to benefit of some advanced features. These include DNS leak protection, kill switch as well as their new permanent kill switch option. For those using a Windows running device, this means they can even improve their VPN torrenting and gaming experience thanks to the port forwarding feature.  

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