Karaoke comes to Horizon Forbidden West with title-song singalong

Aloy and other characters from Horizon Forbidden West
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The latest update for Horizon Forbidden West has rolled out, bundling patches 1.10 and 1.11 into a double-whammy release that introduces a bevy of changes.

Shared on the Horizon Forbidden West’s official subreddit, the patch notes detail fixes for several bugs affecting the completion of main and side quests, changes to machine spawning AI, weapon rebalances, and fixes to progression bugs.

The strangest change, however, is the addition of subtitles to the game’s main theme song, which developer Guerrilla Games hopes will inspire some fans to sing along to the tune whenever it plays.

“Added subtitles for the lyrics of the title song, In The Flood,” the patch notes read. “Time for a karaoke session!”

It might not radically enhance your playthrough of the game, but at least now you can get into the spirit of adventure by belting out a sweet melody.

To the pleasure of many players, the new Horizon Forbidden West patch also rebalances the “unintentional change on Legendary weapons” that was introduced in the last update. They were severely nerfed, with their base stats reduced to bring them more in line with standard weapons. 

That didn’t sit well with many fans, who were frustrated to have spent hours grinding to unlock the special weapons, only to find they were no longer as strong as previously thought.

Guerrilla also made special mention that it was aware Horizon Forbidden West livestreams are being interrupted when streamers save the game at campfires. It recommended anyone streaming the game lower their broadcast resolution or cap the game's framerate to 30fps to avoid the problems.

Changes have also been made to the game’s UI – quest markers and action prompts can now be hidden using custom HUD settings – alongside tweaks to its graphics and some animations.

Find the full patch notes below:

patch_110_111 from r/horizon
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