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Do you sometimes find that your projects leave you feeling tied up in knots? We've all been there, going round in circles chasing documents and butting heads as the deadline approaches - something that always leads to unwanted stress from everyone involved.

Don’t you need a collaboration tool that works for you? One that you can customize to match your needs, and one that clearly shows exactly how far both your team and the work you’re doing is progressing?

Search no more, as is here to make your headaches disappear. 

(Image credit: looks to provide a clear and focused view of your work, giving precise updates on all progress from beginning to end.

Whether you’re starting a new business, preparing a product launch, or just scheduling the next company away day, can provide a clear and straightforward look at how your work is progressing. 

Accessed via an online hub, the platform allows users to plan, organize and track your projects all in one place. Scheduled tasks, work in progress and completed items are all colorfully marked and differentiated, giving you a view of what’s done and what still needs doing.  To make sure nothing gets missed, you can quickly share files, comment on items and even tag particularly team members to take care of certain tasks, keeping everyone on the same page.

There’s a range of ways to keep track of all your tasks, so you’re sure to find something to suit your style, whether that’s via a timeline, keeping tabs on deadlines using a calendar, or even on a colorful kanban or chart view.

Team members can be quickly assigned new tasks or have their existing work monitored, meaning no-one should get snowed under or fall too far behind the rest of the group. Say goodbye to confusing long email chains with an easily visible view of exactly who is responsible for what, meaning you can always share the load as crunch time approaches.

Even remote workers can benefit from using, getting rid of the delays that typically go with dealing with off-site employees, allowing you to exactly see how everything is progressing.

And, thanks to being cloud-based, there’s no fear of accidentally misplacing or even deleting key files such as launch documents or presentations. All changes are immediately updated on’s platform, giving you full control and the ability to tweak your files at a moment’s notice. 

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For those of us that are always on the move, the mobile app provides all the latest updates and information you’ll need no matter where you are. Thanks to the app, you don’t need a laptop or PC to track progress, as you can now manage manpower and keep your team up to speed directly from your mobile device, with any changes or updates synced instantly across all your entire team.

With 24/7 email and phone support available, any issues you have will be quickly addressed by a helpful service team - who typically respond within 10 minutes, getting you back online as soon as possible, so you don’t miss a beat.

If you feel ready to join the revolution, you’re not alone - we work with the likes of Discovery Channel, Carlsberg, Philips and Wix, helping businesses large and small to get their crucial work done.

We’re not stopping there either, as we recently tied up our latest $150m D round of funding, valuing us at $1.9bn - so you know they will be there for you right until your work is done.

So if your team needs that extra boost to ensure that teamwork really does make the dream work, could be the added ingredient to get you through the stress and over the finish line.