Ionos launches free video conferencing tool

Video Chat
(Image credit: Ionos)

In an effort to make it easier for its customers to connect with colleagues and partners across the globe, the web hosting provider Ionos has announced that it now offers a free video conferencing service called “Video Chat” which is now available in beta.

It only takes one click for the users to start a meeting, join a meeting or reserve a meeting room using Video Chat. At the same time, no registration or contract is required and Ionos' video conferencing solution works directly in a web browser and all participants can easily be added via an invitation link.

Video Chat is designed for up to 24 participants and the service offers all of the important features that users require while video conferencing including screen sharing, chat and the ability to mute users.

Video Chat security

In order to make video meetings held using Ionos' Video Chat service more secure, every meeting room can be protected using a password and the company does not record any personal data of participants. All data transmitted using the service is also protected using TLS encryption.

Since Video Chat is hosted exclusively in Ionos' home country of Germany, all meetings held using the service are subject to strict European data protection laws and are GDPR compliant.

Ionos partnered with the Germany-based tech provider STARFACE, which also provides VoIP telephone systems, for Video Chat and the service's public beta phase will run until the end of 2020.

By providing small businesses with an alternative video conferencing service, Ionos is giving them even more reason to use its web hosting and website builder services.

Anthony Spadafora

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