Microsoft to rename SkyDrive as 'NewDrive' in the UK?

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It's close, but it's not the one

Microsoft hasn't had much luck with naming conventions in recent years. It was forced to rename Windows 8's Metro interface to Modern UI in 2012, and more recently embarked on a hunt to find a new moniker for its SkyDrive cloud storage service after losing a trademark spat with broadcaster BSkyB.

It now appears that hunt may be over, according to in-the-know types on Twitter - namely Windows guru Paul Thurrott who predicts that the service will be renamed to 'NewDrive' after seeing it rear its head in Office 2013.

However, it's worth mentioning that Microsoft has used the 'New' prefix as a placeholder for upcoming services in the past, including, which used the code name NewMail when making the transition from Hotmail.

Been there, done that

Additionally, WMPoweruser points out that any subdomain entered with at the end - such as, or - all redirect to As such, we'll take any suggestion served up right now with a pinch of infringing salt.

It's unclear when Microsoft is planning to make the switch. BSkyB - which owns a number of Sky-toting services including Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky One - said after the ruling it would give the company at least "a reasonable period of time to allow for an orderly transition to a new brand". That could take some time as Microsoft is looking to roll out the new name globally - not just in the UK.

What would you name SkyDrive to? So far we've come up with OneDrive, MicroDrive, WindowsDrive, BobsDrive and WindowsCloud - in addition to Paperclip as an outside choice. We're sure that there are better options out there (no, really).

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