McAfee says 'Show us your face'

Silhouette male head
It wants to see more than that

Security specialist McAfee has pushed facial and voice recognition into the cloud service arena with the launch of its LiveSafe service.

The service includes a cloud-based McAfee Personal Locker, that uses biometric scans of the voice and face of the user to ensure that only they get access to the contents.

A user's picture and voice recording is taken during activation and sent to the cloud server. When the user wants access they provide a fresh picture and voice sample that go through an encrypted channel to be verified against the biometrics on the server.

It can be accessed from any device, and also involves Intel Identity Protection Technology.

McAfee has struck a deal with Dell for the relevant software to be installed on its PCs and ultrabooks, to be available from early June. It will also be available from some retailers for a £19.99 12-month subscription with a new PC or tablet from July, with a £79.99 12-month subscription for existing devices.