Google bats eyelashes at potential Cloud Platform Partners

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Google has updated its Cloud Platform Partner Program

Google has announced that it is expanding its Cloud Platform Partner Program. The updates to the programme are aimed at recognising the top service and technology partners and providing a means for any company to qualify as a registered company.

The Cloud Platform Partner Program offers training, technical, support, marketing and sales resources for Google's technology and services partners to help develop businesses that are based on its Cloud Platform offerings. The platform allows developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google's cloud infrastructure.

Members of the Partner Program provide a variety of services including hands-on deployment, technical support and customized application development. Google says that there are a total of 161 partners so far.

Tiered system

The expansion will see the introduction of a tiered system. Registered companies will receive basic access to to online resources and training, authorized partners will benefit from branding, relationship management and access to online resources and training and premier partners will receive all of the aforementioned benefits as well as additional premier level services.

"These tiers are the first steps of many to further develop our partner community so we can provide the best possible experiences for everyone out there while working hand in hand with those companies that make it possible," said Google's Head of Global Partner Programs Mark Hodgson in a blog post announcing the news.