Accenture's new purchase simplifies Salesforce and Google cloud integration


Accenture has enhanced its cloud services arm by purchasing Cloud Sherpas.

The deal, for which financial terms have not been disclosed, allows the global consultancy to add Cloud Sherpas' expertise in assisting companies in the sometimes complicated task of incorporating cloud services into their business.

The main brunt of the deal involves bringing Cloud Sherpas staff and their expertise into the Accenture Cloud First Applications team, which will involve some 1,100 employees at different levels. Some of Cloud Sherpas' strongest work has been bringing cloud services from the likes of, Google and ServiceNow to large-sized enterprises across the globe.

The partnership

TechCrunch reports that Cloud Sherpas is in fact Google's largest consulting partner and when it comes to helping out with Salesforce consulting, Accenture will add 500 additional experts to the some 2,700 consultants it already has devoted to the task.

Cloud Sherpas began life as a start-up in 2007 and has since raised upwards of $63 million (around £40 million, or AU$87 million), in the process becoming a leader in the cloud advisory and technologies service space.

The aforementioned Accenture Cloud First Applications team has only been around for a short time and in addition to Google, ServiceNow and Salesforce implementations it can also be used to deliver cloud services from NetSuite, Workday and other 'pure play' technologies.