Intel wants to give your next work laptop a major power boost

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Intel has unveiled the latest version its vPro platform powered by 12th Gen Intel Core processors which should give business laptops a significant performance boost.

As organizations transition to hybrid work, the chip giant's vPro platform is designed to further productivity due to increased performance from the inclusion of the latest Intel processors while comprehensive platform security ensures business and other sensitive data will remain protected.

The vPro platform is now available in four flavors: vPro Enterprise, vPro Essentials, vPro Enterprise for Chrome and vPro, An Evo Design. While vPro Enterprise is designed for Windows, vPro Enterprise for Chrome is aimed at creating a new class of Chromebooks specifically designed for business environments. Meanwhile, vPro Essentials extends security and device management capabilities for SMBs and vPro, An Evo Design devices meet both the company's vPro and Evo design criteria.

Intel VP and GM of its Business Client Platforms division, Stephanie Hallford provided further insight on the company's vPro platform in a blog post, saying:

“The next gen of the Intel vPro platform was designed to deliver even greater security, performance and manageability for all businesses. And, with the introduction of 12th Gen Intel Core processors, we are reimagining the way people work with our performance hybrid architecture for business, productivity and multitasking.”

Upgraded vPro platform

With the inclusion of 12th Gen Intel Core processors based on the Intel 7 process, the vPro platform is taking a revolutionary leap forward when it comes to real-world business performance.

On the mobile side, 12th Gen Intel mobile processors deliver up to 27 percent faster mainstream application performance and offer up to 41 percent faster mainstream application performance when compared to the previous generation. On desktop, 12th Gen Intel desktop processors deliver up to 21 percent faster mainstream application performance compared to the previous generation and up to 44 percent faster mainstream application performance compared to competing AMD processors.

When it comes to connectivity, the vPro platform now includes Intel Wi-Fi 6E support and the included Intel Connectivity Performance Suite allows users to ensure they have a seamless wireless experience. Using a laptop docking station is also possible thanks to the inclusion of Thunderbolt 4 and end users can now utilize multiple 4K monitors. Intel's latest processors also feature enhanced support for DDR5 memory on desktop and both DDR5 and LPDDR5 on mobile. Intel vPro Enterprise entry workstations also support ECC memory with the corresponding Intel chipset. 

According to Intel, 150 designs across all form factors from top manufacturers will be available later this year which combine the security and manageability of the vPro platform with the user experiences of Intel Evo Design for mobile.

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