IDrive 360 lets you secure all your business data in one go

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Cloud computing firm IDrive has launched a new storage solution that will allow IT administrators to store all their enterprise data in a single account. The new IDrive 360 solution should greatly simplify the process of managing business data, regardless of the size and complexity of the organization.

With IDrive 360, IT departments will be able to gain a clear overview of all their business data and have the ability to schedule and automate backup plans for business units or individual devices, all from one unified web console.

The new solution also gives IT admins additional control over their corporate data. With IDrive 360, they can configure the structure of their backup data, manage access rights, and monitor cloud storage utilization. The web console that serves as the hub for all your business data can be viewed from any browser at any time, meaning you always have clear oversight.

Data management

In addition to automated backups, IDrive 360 also comes with malware protection and recovery, encryption for all your data, whether being transferred or at rest, and business compliance support.

“Secure all the computers of your organization to IDrive's encryption-protected cloud and manage their backup through a unified web console,” the company website explains. “IT can oversee data protection at the company-level and assign backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices. Whatever the workload, IDrive 360 has your business covered with fast and reliable data protection. Grow your business securely with scalable cloud storage.”

With many enterprises storing data across multiple devices, spread across large geographical areas, having a clear data management platform is essential. For businesses that want to try IDrive 360’s cloud solution, plans start at $6.95 a year for 5TB of space per device.

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