Huawei OceanStor Pacific Series brings a storage sea change

(Image credit: Huawei)

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has announced the worldwide launch of its latest mass storage system, OceanStor Pacific Series. 

Huawei says the platform provides cost-effective, powerful, and reliable services for Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), videos, and other data-heavy settings.

The company added that as well as establishing a new standard for futuristic mass data storage, the series would also aid enterprises in utilising the full potential of data power in the intelligent age. 

Business models redefined

With digital production emerging as the currency of modern business models, data is more important than ever. This makes it imperative for enterprises to find ways of cost-effectively amassing and storing different types of data–structured data from core services and unstructured mass data from 5G, IoT, and UHD.

OceanStor Pacific Series would perform these functions by breaching architectural, service, and performance boundaries, and harnessing flawless multiprotocol interworking and a next-generation elastic EC algorithm, besides a series of dedicated hardware. 

Enterprises primarily deploy AI technologies to analyse and process extensive data to convert data into knowledge and services, improving production efficiency.

"Mass data will play an increasingly important role in enterprise digital transformation," Peter Zhou, President of Huawei Data Storage and Intelligent Vision Product Line, said.

"Today, only 2 percent of global data is stored, and only 10 percent of the data is being mined for further value. Enterprises are facing insufficient capacity, data silos, and complex management when dealing with mass data. Our OceanStor Pacific Series is designed to answer these pain points, setting a new benchmark for efficient, economical, everlasting mass data storage, and helping us become the trusted choice for mass data." 

Huawei OceanStor storage will launch in around 150 countries and caters to over 12,000 customers engaged in various sectors, including carriers, finance, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.