Hogwarts Legacy has branching quests and lets you torture your friend

A wizard in Hogwarts Legacy holding a wand
(Image credit: Avalanche Software)

The biggest game of the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase is Hogwarts Legacy and its latest trailer.

While we saw a big deep dive into the Harry Potter RPG back in February, Warner Bros has been pretty quiet in the months since, except to say that Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back into 2023.

However, the latest trailer goes some way to easing that pain by showing off the Hogwarts Legacy's darker side. 

See that in the trailer below:

It looks like you'll have the opportunity to take some quite dark paths in Hogwarts Legacy, with the trailer showing you can either reject the dark arts or embrace them by using them on one of your companions, Sebastian Sallow. Quite the grim turn for this wizarding world game.

Presumably, each of your companions will open up options like this, and maybe we'll see branches like this in the main campaign, too.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this soon.

Julian Benson
Contributor, TechRadar Gaming

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