Hogwarts Legacy art book could offer a hint at the game’s release date

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An update to a retail listing for the official Hogwarts Legacy art book might have just offered us a hint at when the game could release.

As spotted by Hogwarts Legacy fans on Reddit (via VGC), the Amazon UK listing for The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World has been updated with a release date of December 6. 

Customers who have pre-ordered the book have also, VGC reports, received emails to state that the release date has been revised to December 6. 

amazon_uk_has_the_hogwarts_legacy_art_book_slated from r/HarryPotterGame

In light of this updated release date for the official art book, fans are speculating that it could mean that the game will launch, if not exactly on December 6, then perhaps around the same time in early December. At the moment, Hogwarts Legacy only has an official release window of ‘Holiday 2022’.

Although the art book for the game won’t necessarily release on the same day as the game, one Reddit user in the thread points out another major Warner Bros release in 2022, Gotham Knights, also has an art book due out and that it’s scheduled to release on the same day as the game: October 25.

This feels familiar

Now, if you’re thinking ‘wait, haven’t we been here before?’ then you’d be right. It was back in February of this year that the Hogwarts Legacy art book was first announced and its then-release date of September 6 prompted speculation that the game would get a September launch.

However, this proved to be inaccurate as it was later confirmed that the game will be released in ‘Holiday 2022’ and the book's release date has naturally shifted too. In all fairness, this December 6 date does indeed fall within the game’s official ‘Holiday 2022’ window but this could still be a placeholder release date for the art book. 

That said, even if the release date for the art book does prove to be December 6, it’s still not necessarily any guarantee of the actual game’s final release date. We'll have to wait for an official announcement from Warner Bros to be sure of that.

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing the Amazon US listing for the art book has a different date attached: December 31 2022. The official Game Guide also has a December 31 date. December 31 actually seems much more likely to be a placeholder date than December 6 and, indeed, Reddit users have noted that the UK listing previously had this December 31 release date too before it was updated. 

This news comes only a few days after the contents of the Hogwarts Legacy collector’s edition and deluxe edition appear to have leaked online (via VGC) after a Reddit user claimed to have found hidden files on the Hogwarts Legacy website. 

If this updated art book release date and the information found on the game’s various editions prove to be accurate, then we could possibly see the final release date announced in the not-too-distant future. That ‘Holiday’ release window is fast approaching, after all. 

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