Google set to launch tools that could stop online tracking

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In an effort to help limit online tracking, Google will soon roll out a dashboard-like function in its Chrome browser to aid users in stopping tracking cookies according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal.

The search giant's new tools will likely not affect its ability to collect data on users but could give it a step up over its rivals in the online advertising space.

Google is the world's largest seller of online ads thanks to its 3bn users and the company has captured almost a third of all online advertising revenue. This puts the company ahead of its rival Facebook which controls 20 percent of the market and its new privacy tools could bolster its market share even further.

Tracking cookies

Cookies are small text files that follow users across the internet and they have been used by advertisers to target consumers based on their browsing habits for years now.

Google has apparently been working on its plan to stop tracking cookies for at least six years though the project has seen stops and starts along the way.

The company accelerated its efforts last year after the new broke that Facebook was sharing its users' personal data with Cambridge Analytica.

Google will target cookies installed by third parties seeking a profit while those used by website owners to track their own users will be unaffected by the company's plan.

We will likely hear more details on the company's tools to stop online tracking once they're made generally available to the public.

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