Google is making its online sales commission free

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As a stimulus to boost sales in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic Google is making it free for retailers to list their products on Google Shopping, when they appear in Search. More importantly, Google plans to make its ‘Buy on Google’ checkout service commission free.

The ‘Buy on Google’ checkout option will allow customers to order from any store participating via, or through Google Assistant. Any products that are eligible will boast a blue ‘Add to cart’ button, along with a shopping cart icon that uses the four Google colours.

Shoppers will also be able to enjoy speedier checkouts as Google will employ the ordering information that’s already stored in your Google Account. An easier returns process, guarantees on product condition and updates on delivery times will also be available as part of the package.

Moving forwards, Google plans to no longer take a commission fee when the direct checkout process is used. A pilot is already being readied for eligible sellers in the US.

Buy on Google

Google has other plans up its sleeve designed to improve the fortunes of businesses. It's streamlining the processes involved in signing up with its Merchant Center and plans to allow Shopify users to exploit its inventory, order management and payment processing features with reduced levels of bureaucracy.

Third-parties will also be able to list their inventory more swiftly with Google implementing changes to support a wider range of commonly used product feed formats. Product images and descriptions, for example, can be pulled in directly from Google’s existing databases, rather than business owners having to uploading everything from scratch.

SMBs should also keep an eye out for one other update. A forthcoming ‘small business’ filter within Google Shopping is aimed at pushing customers towards independents who’ve been suffering badly due to the Covid-19 outbreak, particularly those that have had to close retail outlets and focus their activities solely online.

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