Google Docs Pageless is opening up your documents like never before

Google Docs
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Google Docs is set to get a whole lot more collaborative as the platform rolls out its latest upgrade.

First announced at Google I/O 2021 and rolling out to users now, the new Pageless feature essentially gives you and whoever else you share your documents with, extra space to make alterations, suggestions and edits. 

Instead of being confined by the usual set rules and lines of normal office software tools, Google Docs Pageless looks to offer a much more interactive and rewarding way to create the perfect document - so how does it work, and how can you get it?

Google Docs Pageless

When announced, Google said Pageless editing was looking to help address the fact that less physical documents were being created by businesses during the pandemic.

This meant that features such as margins and page breaks no longer hold the weight they once did, opening the door for the new pageless format.

Google Docs Pageless

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Now, documents will expand to the full screen of whatever device the user has, whether desktop, laptop or mobile, with images and tables in particular gaining a new lease of life as they now extend across the previous margins.

You'll only need a Google Account to try Pageless, with users (including TechRadar Pro) are now being given the option to try out the new feature when launching a new Google Doc, but if you've missed the alert, or want to give it another go, here's what you need to do:

Google Docs on Web/Chrome

  • Open Google Docs.
  • Choose the document you want to edit
  • Click File > Page Setup > Pageless

This menu will also give you the option to change the background color from the default white choice, for example if you're a dark mode fan.

Google Docs on Android

  • Open your Google Docs app
  • Select and open the document you want to edit
  • Select the Edit icon in the lower right of the screen, then the three dot "overflow" menu in the top-right
  • Tap Page Setup, then switch on Pageless
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