Google Chrome on Android is finally getting this major upgrade

Google Chrome
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Android power users will now be able to open more tabs and browse even faster in Chrome as Google is now pushing out a 64-bit version of its browser to supported smartphones.

While the first 64-bit version of Android was released six years ago, the search giant only began testing a 64-bit version of Chrome for Android in July of last year.

Now though, Android users whose devices have been updated to Android 10 and have at least 8GB of RAM will be able to use the new 64-bit version of Chrome.

64-bit Chrome for Android

As Google has begun rolling out the 64-bit version of Chrome to users whose smartphones meet its requirements, some Android users may actually already be using the updated version of its browser.

You can check to see if your browser has already been updated by opening Chrome and typing “chrome://version” into the browser's address bar. This will bring up a wealth of different information including the build you're running, which Android version you're using and your device data. However, you can easily tell if you're running Chrome 64-bit as the information will be displayed at the top of the list after the version number.

By using the 64-bit version of Chrome, you'll likely experience some performance improvements as a result of better RAM management.

Going forward, Google plans to only allow developers to upload 64-bit apps to the Google Play Store from August of this year and next year, the latest processors from Arm will only support 64-bit apps.

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