Get protection tailor made for the Samsung Galaxy S22 from Spigen


The Samsung Galaxy S22 family of phones has just been announced. Say hello to the petite and powerful Galaxy S22, the big-screen Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with a killer camera array that includes both 3x and 10x zooms. 

We know the excitement of opening up a new phone as much as anyone. But as folk who have damaged more than our fair share of phones in the first 48 hours, getting your Samsung Galaxy S22 protected needs to be a top priority. Spigen has already announced a full roster of cases for this family that includes some well-known favourites and a fresh design we are yet to try first-hand. 

Here’s a taster of what you can get for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones right now. 

Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S22

Spigen Tough Armor (Image credit: Spigen)

Want your case to do a little more? Check out the Spigen Tough Armor, which takes its cue from the mixed polycarbonate and TPU concept of the Ultra Hybrid.

Here, the hard polycarbonate runs around the phone’s sides a little more. It’s the armour from the case’s name. There are shock absorbing panels inside the backplate too, and nicely moulded caps for the side buttons that are consistent with the case’s slick visual style. 

The Spigen Tough Armor is a hardy case, with military-spec drop protection. But it still only adds fractionally to the Galaxy S22’s thickness. It even has a little flip-out kickstand on the back, perfect for watching videos with the phone resting on a train table, or just your kitchen counter.  

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S22

Spigen Liquid Air (Image credit: Spigen)

Want a case that barely adds any bulk or weight to your phone? You might like the Spigen Liquid Air

This is a flexible TPU case, with a natty-looking “droid” pattern on the back and grooves across its sides, for much better grip than you’d get from a naked Samsung Galaxy S22. The TPU is raised slightly above the camera and display for extra protection too. 

We think of the Spigen Liquid Air as primarily an anti-scratch case rather than a hardcore one for the butter-fingered. But it does have air cushions in its corners to absorb the force of drops and bumps. You get all the day-to-day protection you need, with none of the usual bulky drawbacks.

 Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S22

Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Image credit: Spigen)

If you like the slimline design of the Liquid Air but are less keen on the way it changes the look of the phone, you’ll prefer the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. It’s often our first recommendation from the Spigen range. 

The Crystal Clear finish version lets you see the colours and textures of your phone as Samsung intended, built with a two-part design. The back is a hard plate of polycarbonate, the sides are flexible TPU. This makes the case easy to take on and off, provides good grip and is carefully moulded to fit all the outer buttons and ports of each Galaxy S22 series phone. 

Just like the Liquid Air, it also has air cushion pockets in the corners for superior drop protection. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a true classic among third-party cases. 

Optik Armor

Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S22

Spigen Optik Armor (Image credit: Spigen)

We are very familiar with the three popular lines of Spigen cases mentioned so far, but there’s something new to see too: the Spigen Optik Armor

This case shows Spigen recognises something other accessory makers do not: the camera is one of the most valuable parts of any phone.  The Optik Armor has a protective slider that covers the camera lenses when they are not in use.

Its inner part is soft, like a plush coat for the camera glass, and a groove on the cover’s top lets you pull it open in a flash. It’s not just a great way to avoid scratches to the outer lens element but also ensures fingerprint grease marks won’t smear light in your photos when you whip out your phone to capture a beautiful sunset. 

The Spigen Optik Armor is available exclusively for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which makes sense. That phone’s camera array is not just its star feature, but also one of the most impressive in any phone in the world. 

Standard protection is on point too, including a raised screen bezel and corner air cushions, just like Spigen’s other cases. There’s also a carefully designed sound tunnel, to ensure the audio from the speakers is not impacted by the case. 

That’s just the beginning 

Spigen's Samsung Galaxy S22

Spigen's range of accessories [Audio, Chargers, Screen Protectors(Image credit: Spigen)

If you are already familiar with Spigen, it’s probably thanks to its popular phone cases. The company makes a comprehensive range of other smart device accessories, though. 

Its EZ Fit and NeoFlex screen protectors will help keep the display pristine and scratch-free for as long as you use your Galaxy S22. The EZ Fit is a tempered glass protector, the NeoFlex a flexible TPU one. 

Spigen’s ArcStation Pro GaN is a wall charger with excellent 45W maximum charging output, and support for the Samsung Super Fast Charge 2.0 standard. That’s exactly what you want in a Galaxy S22 series power adapter. 

And if you think cabled charging is old news, take a look at the Spigen ArcField 15W. This is a wireless charging pad with 15W output, for faster top-ups than you’d get from an entry-level pad. It will work just fine with the cases mentioned here and has rubber pads on both top and bottom for grip. 

Whatever kind of accessory you want for your new Samsung Galaxy S22, there’s a good chance Spigen has what you need.