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Run for your lives: Mario has become self-aware

It puts the lotion in the basket

It was bound to happen eventually. Having lived most of his years as a puppet of our gaming enjoyment - jumping on, killing and eating whatever and whoever we told him to - Nintendo's Italian plumber has become sentient. Hold your families close, this is how it ends.

Using a complex adaptive AI, researchers have turned Mario into an autonomous agent that's aware of both himself and his environment. And he learns.

"What do you know about Goomba?," a voice asks Mario at the beginning of the level. "I do not know anything about it". When asked the question again after killing his first little brown foe, he responds, "If I jump on a Goomba, it certainly dies."

Remember all the times you made Mario fight Sonic and Pac-Man for your own entertainment? Now he remembers too. And that doesn't sound like the voice of forgiveness.

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We can't wait for our blips to become self-aware and start writing themselves.