Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360 pad

New Xbox 360 controller out in US in November and Europe in February 2011

Microsoft has confirmed that a new Xbox 360 controller will be released this coming November.

The new pad, pictured here, will be out on November 9 in the US, where it will cost $64.99 (£42.25).

However, European gamers will have to wait all the way through until February 2011 to get their mitts on Microsoft's latest Xbox pad.

Unless you fancy a trip to NYC over the Christmas holidays, that is…

Ideal for beat-em-ups,

"The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Play & Charge Kit - with Transforming D-pad will be available beginning early 2011 in the UK," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

You can see Major Nelson's demo video below to get a better idea of the few minor design changes to the new Xbox pad.

Perhaps the biggest change is the fact that the d-pad raises up when rotated 90 degrees – ideal for combo-tapping beat-em-ups and the like.