Mass Effect to be made into a movie

Mass Effect - coming to a cinema near you...probably

Mass Effect looks set to be made into a movie, with Legendary Pictures snapping up the rights to the Xbox classic.

The Mass Effect series has become one of the most important franchises on Xbox, and a popular PC title as well.

Produced by gaming giants Bioware, Mass Effect deals with the adventures of Commander Shepard, the mechanical Geth, insidious Reapers, a whole host of alien races and the complicated inter-species politics.

Rich world

Mark Protosevich has been brought in to script the project – and he will not doubt be aided by the richness of the world already created by Bioware.

Let's be frank, video game adaptations don't have the finest of track records, and some of the ones we had high hopes for (Bioshock, for instance) have fallen by the way side.

But if the humour and excitement of the Mass Effect world can be translated to the silver screen then we'll certainly be at the front of the queue.