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GunBound gang kidnaps video game expert

GunBound is a platform game, similar in style to Team 17 favourite 'Worms'

A gang of four crazy gun-wielding maniacs went berserk last week and decided to kidnap one of the world's top video games experts. The Sao Paulo-based gang used a social networking site to lure the successful GunBound gamer into attending a hot date with a fake Brazilian hottie.

Of course, when the man turned up there were no hotties present, and instead he was pounced on by over-enthusiastic gun-toting kooks who pointed automatic weapons at him. They demanded that he hand over his GunBound account password, or they would shoot him in the face.

GunBound is an online Windows-based RPG game which is very similar to Worms . It's becoming ever-more popular, and the gang thought that there would was money to be made from people desperate to access the man's account.

Remarkably though, the icey coolness which made the guy good at the game in the first place, translated into the real world. He refused to hand over his password, which the gang thought was worth about £4,000.

So after five hours of unsuccessful persuasion, the disgruntled gang members begrudgingly let the man go. The man predictably then called the Brazilian police, who swiftly rounded up the gang members and arrested them.