Images of new, smaller PS3 model surface

Images of new smaller PS3 model surface

All of the recent hype has been has been around the rumoured PlayStation 4, but recently-surfacing images suggest Sony may be plotting a new version of the existing PS3 console.

Images appeared in a Sony filing to a Brazilian telecommunications company and reveal a smaller version of the PS3 with a top-loaded disc-drive, rather than the slide-in disc-slot

According to the photos, the console boasts a new crinkle-cut finish, rather than the smooth matte finish on the PS3 Slim, while the shape appears a little more rounded.

The filing to Anatel says there'll be 16GB, 250GB and 500GB models.

Last hurrah

Earlier this month, evidence of a new PS3 appeared in FCC documents. That filing mentioned the "CECH-4000" series also quoted in Sony's filing to Anatel in Brazil

Regardless, any hardware revisions would likely be a final hurrah for the PlayStation 3, with the likelihood of a new new model in 2014.

Via: SlashGear