Game director for Avowed wants you to play it - obviously

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The Xbox Extended Showcase is spotlighting the exciting new action RPG Avowed with its game director Carrie Patel talking us through the universe and its connections to Pillars of Eternity

While it has been confirmed that Avowed will share a universe with the Pillars of Eternity in the world of Eora, Patel confirms that this isn't crucial information. "You don't need to have played Pillars one or two", Patel says. "You can come to the world of Avowed completely fresh". 

Avowed is set in Arora specifically in the region called The Living Lands. “An otherworldly frontier with unknown lands”, Patel says, “It has a dramatic landscape, full of these different valleys with these unique biomes housing various creatures”  

It's important to note that new fans are more than welcome in this upcoming RPG, however there will be some "recognizable titbits” for returning players, Patel says. "There are a couple of returning characters that players may recognise from Deadfire in particular". 

However, it’s not just the characters who’ll be recognizable as Avowed does share a universe with Pillars so players will be able to venture around familiar areas, “the Ideran Empire plays a pretty important role in Avowed”, Patel says. 

Avowed already got a new in-engine footage trailer showcasing its combat and landscape that fans will be able to explore on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Despite being a brief look, there was a mix of physical damage and elemental attacks that seemed to pay homage to the Elder Scrolls series.

Hopefully, if these trailers and interviews are anything to go by we’ll be seeing Avowed on our best RPGs list once it launches towards the end of 2024. 

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