Everyone’s favourite time-saving shortcut is coming to Google Drive

Google Drive
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Google is rolling out a new update for cloud storage service Drive that could save users plenty of time and hassle.

The update introduces the ability to use copy, cut and paste shortcuts - Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V (and macOS equivalents) - to transfer files between Google Drive folders with greater ease.

“This saves you time by allowing you to copy one or more files and move them to new locations in Drive, and across multiple tabs, with fewer clicks,” explained Google in a blog post announcing the changes.

Google Drive copy-and-paste

As a side-effect of the transition to remote and hybrid working, many knowledge workers now depend on a larger volume of documents and spreadsheets to collaborate effectively, which makes managing cloud storage something of a difficulty.

This was especially the case under the previous Google Drive system, whereby users would have to lean on the clunky “Move to” feature or drag-and-drop mechanics to shift multiple files between locations.

However, with the introduction of copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts, restoring order to a mess of files and folders should become a little easier.

Google Drive

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As explained in the blog post, copying a file in Google Drive will also capture a link, which can be pasted into a document or email as a simple way to share content with co-workers or external partners.

Another feature bundled with the update is the ability to use the Ctrl + Enter shortcut to open files or folders in a new browser tab, providing an easy way to launch into multiple files at once or shift files between two folders.

The Google Drive update is already rolling out to workers whose companies have opted into receiving features in early-access. The rest of us should see the update take effect in the first week of June.

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