eBay wants you to buy more refurbished phones

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eBay has launched its ‘Certified Refurbished’ programme in the UK, allowing vendors and resellers to capitalise on the growing trend for ‘like new’ electronics.

Electronics from Dyson, Eve and GoPro are included, which has already been launched in Australia and the US, while mobile device manufacturers and retailers are encouraged to sign up.

The increasing cost of devices, coupled with a perceived lack of innovation in the market, has led to longer refresh cycles and slowing sales of flagship handsets. Many consumers are happier with older models and unwilling to pay for expensive handsets when looking for a new phone.

eBay certified refurbished

These trends, along with an increased focus on sustainability, have led to growth in the refurbished market and an increase in the quality and availability of pre-owned devices.

eBay says searchers for refurbished products have risen by as much as 300% year-on-year on its platform and the aim is to inspire confidence in buyers by making the purchase experience as close to buying new as possible.

Products sold on the hub are discounted by as much as 30% and have all been inspected, cleaned, and refurbished to eBay’s criteria. All devices sold come with a 12-month guarantee, free delivery, and are subject to a 30-day returns policy.

“Demand for refurbished products has been growing for some time, but we know that the main barrier for some consumers has been the perceived risk that comes with purchasing a refurbished item,” said Matt Porter, eBay UK senior trading manager.

“Our Certified Refurbished hub is designed to bring peace of mind to customers, allowing them to secure the products they love, like new for less, and at the high quality they deserve.

“We’re really looking forward to working with our sellers and brands on this venture, allowing them to open up new revenue streams, maximise the margin on returns, and create a more sustainable supply chain, too.”

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