Dying Light 2's first free DLC lets you assert your authority in style

Dying Light 2 Authority DLC
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Dying Light 2's first free DLC is available now, kicking off developer Techland's five-year post-launch support roadmap and letting players assert their zombie-slaying authority in style.

The Authority skin pack will release in three installments over the coming days. The first installment is available now and includes a free Peacemakers-inspired Intimidating jacket, cargo pants, and high tops. The second free DLC, the Ronin skin pack, will release on February 16 and offers the Intimidating gauntlets, windbreaker, and leather guards. The final installment, due to roll out on February 18, will include a two-handed Authority hammer - so you can really show those zombies who's boss.

This is the first step in Techland's ambitious post-launch support roadmap for Dying Light 2, which is set to include story DLC, new weapons, new stories, and new sets of challenges - plus much more.

Opinion: ready to lay down the law?

Peacemakers (AKA the PKs) are one of a handful of warring Factions in Dying Light 2, with some of the game's biggest (and often most difficult) choices boiling down to whether you want to side with them or another Faction.

The Peacemakers are former soldiers and therefore act as the game's military/law enforcement Faction, though their authoritarian and aggressive means of keeping people in line is questionable at best. 

Aligning with the PKs (and putting your morals aside) does have its benefits though. The Peacemakers are combat-focused, so assigning the game's unlocked Facilities - like water towers and electrical power stations - does allow you access to car traps and sees mounted turrets popping up around the city. Though doing so will also see the death of a lot of Survivors who haven't access to water or electricity.

Whether or not you help the PKs, straddle the fence, or join up with the Survivors, thanks to this free Dying Light 2 DLC, you can now do so in a style.

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