Dropbox is working on a password manager

Dropbox Passwords
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Cloud storage provider Dropbox appears to be preparing to launch its own password manager after a new app called Dropbox Passwords was spotted on the Google Play Store.

As reported by Android Police, the company released a private beta of its new app on the Play Store which you can download now, though only some Dropbox users that received an invite will be actually be able to login and test it out for themselves.

While Dropbox does not refer to its new app as a password manager, based on screenshots of the app, it has similar functionality as it will allow users to store all of their passwords in one secure place and access them from anywhere with automatic syncing to all devices.

Dropbox Passwords

Although Dropbox Passwords is currently available to download, the company has yet to make a formal announcement in the form of a blog post or press release about its new password manager. Also on its Play Store page we can see that only a 100 or so Dropbox users have been invited to try out the service based on the number of installs.

One of the more exciting features of Dropbox Passwords is that it uses zero-knowledge encryption so that only its users will be able to access their passwords. However, other password managers such as Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password also use this same protocol.

Android Police pointed out that the app offers one-click sign in which means that it likely integrates with Android as an Autofill service. Dropbox Passwords also uses icons for third-party services and this will make it easier for users to find their saved passwords when using the app.

Now that news outlets are reporting on the new app, expect Dropbox to make a formal announcement about when it will be generally available soon.

Via Android Police

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