Dreamhost unveils automated WordPress website migration tool with a catch

WordPress Migration Tool
(Image credit: DreamHost)

DreamHost has unveiled a new free tool to make it easier for its customers to migrate data between WordPress providers.

New customers of the company's managed WordPress offering DreamPress as well as all new shared website hosting customers will now get access to a plugin that automates the process of migrating their WordPress sites to DreamHost.

This free BlogVault-powered plugin is capable of moving website content, themes, plugins and configurations between WordPress sites up to 80 percent faster than similar tools.

Before now, moving WordPress websites between hosting providers was often a largely manual process. Website owners often had to rely on software developers or advanced WordPress consultants to help migrate their data across the web which led to additional costs.

Automated WordPress migration

By bringing the power of automation to its customers, DreamHost has condensed a number of complicated technical processes into a simple web-based roadmap that can be navigated with just a few clicks. WordPress sites of all sizes, across hosting providers can now be migrated to DreamHost through a series of simple and easy-to-follow web-based prompts.

Vice president of corporate communications at DreamHost, Brett Dunst explained why data portability is so important in a press release, saying:

“Data portability is an integral part of the continued success of the Open Web. Widely-adopted, powerful open source tools like WordPress are supported by user-generated content that is, by its nature, never anchored or locked down to a single provider. Making tools available to WordPress users that help enable this portability is key to the future of user-generated content and is something we’re proud to offer.”

Automated WordPress migrations are now available for all DreamHost customers currently using the company's shared website hosting or its DreamPress managed WordPress hosting service.

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