Dragon Age 4 is in 'very good shape' - but won't release this year

Dragon Age
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Dragon Age 4's development is on schedule but we won't get our hands on the next entry in BioWare's RPG series until at least 2023, according to a new report. 

In the latest episode of his GiantBomb video series GrubbSnax (only available for premium members), Grubb claimed that Dragon Age 4 is in "very good shape" according to his sources (via VGC).

Grubb went on to say that developer BioWare is apparently where it's "supposed to be" in its development cycle for Dragon Age 4 and that the "game is on schedule".

However, it sounds like we won't be getting our hands on the next Dragon Age this year, with the journalist claiming that the game is "still at least 18 months out" and suggesting that we may not get our hands on it until "maybe late 2023" at the earliest. 

In addition, Grubb claimed there are no plans to release a Dragon Age remastered edition similar to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition that was released last year. This is would be due to the Dragon Age games not having as much of a thread running through them, at least not to the degree Mass Effect games do.

Analysis: the wait continues

Dragon Age Inquisition

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If Grubb's estimation of a 2023 release (at the earliest) is accurate, then Dragon Age 4 will be released almost a decade (if not a decade) after the last entry in the series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was released back in 2014. It's no surprise then that Dragon Age fans have been clamoring for details on the series' next entry. 

Dragon Age 4 was officially announced during The Game Awards 2018, following years of rumors that a new series entry was in the works. Since the announcement, we've not heard a whole lot about what to expect from our next trip to Thedas, or when it will release. However, BioWare did publish a blog post in late 2021 stating that it was “excited for next year when we can talk more about what we're working on."

That means we can probably expect more solid details on Dragon Age 4 this year, including a release window and official name (it likely won't be called 'Dragon Age 4'). While some smaller details may be shared via blog posts, we imagine the big drops of news will arrive at a big event like EA's annual conference - under either Summer Game Fest or E3 - or at The Game Awards 2022. 

If Grubb's claims are accurate then there's still a while to wait before we can play Dragon Age 4 - but hey, what's another year or two wait when we've been waiting this long?

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