Dozens of games announced at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase

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The Future Games Show Spring Showcase has come and gone with dozens of previews and announcements across the gaming landscape. 

The Spring Showcase was broadcast live on March 23, 2023 and revealed a wide selection of new upcoming games. Hosted by Cody Christian and Briana White (Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7 Remake), the show ran for 85 minutes and covered over 45 titles as well as a specialized VR showcase. 

Some of our favorites included dystopian multiplayer shooter HYENAS, sorcerous FPS Witchfire, and post-apocalyptic strategy game Miasma Chronicles. We also saw Telltale Games announce its next narrative-driven title based on the much-beloved Amazon sci-fi show entitled: The Expanse: A Telltale Series. We also saw some additional content announced for Dying Light 2 as well as an accolades trailer for satisfying space station city-builder IXION.  

The full roster of trailers and previews can be found on the FGS YouTube channel which was launched at the close of this year’s show. As is usual for FGS, the showcase focused on promising titles across the games industry while drawing attention to some real hidden gems. The Ones to Play Montage also offered trailers for six titles: Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Voodolls, Bits and Bops, Stickmen Trenches, Trinity Fusion, and Homeseek. Each of these also has a downloadable demo available now.  

Show don't tell

It’s always refreshing to see interesting titles get time in the spotlight, and the Future Games Show Spring Showcase delivered on this in a big way. There were plenty of titles that grabbed our attention Co-op action rogue-like ArcRunner showed off a gorgeous neon-tinged cyberpunk world, while HYENAS’ latest trailer showed off a new character who uses cosplay to trick their enemies.   

Miasma Chronicles promises an XCOM-like strategy game set in post-apocalyptic world covered in an eerie miasma, offering a fresh take on the strategy formula. We were also impressed by Witchfire which combines gunslinging, spellcasting, and a late medieval aesthetic to produce an intriguing FPS. 

There was far more to the Future Games Show Spring Showcase than we can safely cover here, so we’ve put together a handy list of everything unveiled during the program along with a link to each of their latest trailers, as unveiled in the show.  

The Future Games Show added a new section to its roster this year. The VR Showcase covered a series of VR reveals. These included cyberpunk VR experience Low-Fi and cathartic spider-killing simulator Kill It With Fire VR. We’ve listed all the titles covered in the showcase, as well as their new trailers, below.   

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