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Epson Wi-Fi printers head up new range

The SX100...ain't she purty?
The SX100...ain't she purty?

Epson has gone release CRAZY this morning, by spitting out not one, but FOUR new devices all in one go.

Now, don't get too worked up thinking you won't have the time to find out all about them before that important meeting later this afternoon – we've got all the info you'll need right here.

First up is the Stylus Office B40W for £85 excluding VAT, an inkjet with integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for easy networking.

Individual ink cartridges are available for this one, so you can apparently save money by only buying the ones you need when this prints your pages at 38 ppm (that's pages per minute, acronym fans.)

Then we have the Stylus SX600FW for £150, which has a printer, copier, scanner, fax and quite likely some kind of death ray to enslave the human race (hang on...maybe it doesn't have a copier. Oh wait, yes it does).

Wi-Fi pops up here as well, with a 6.3-inch LCD screen, (massive) individual ink cartridges and a memory card reader for dealing with those holiday snaps.


After that, the compact £80 BX300F 4-in-1 handles all the copying, printing and faxing jobs that would take weeks to complete by hand.

Operating at a slightly slower 31 ppm, this is a 1200dpi scanner with five speed-dial buttons for quick fax-fun.

And finally, the SX100 series costs a mere £60, and throws in PhotoEnhance to the bargain so that you can adjust the quality of your snaps.

This can also do all the fancy copying and scanning features offered by its big brothers, but is mostly about the photo printing.

All are Energy Star rated to be kind to the environment, and will be yours for the right amount of notes in September this year.

Gareth Beavis

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