Deleted Halo Infinite mid-credits scene may have been discovered by dataminers

Halo: Infinite
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An extra Halo Infinite cutscene, not present in the game, has seemingly been uncovered by dataminers and shared online. According to GameCheat 13, who posted a video of the cutscene on YouTube, the scene was meant to play partway through the credits, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

While it doesn't necessarily spoil anything major for Halo Infinite's story, anyone who has yet to complete the campaign may want to steer clear of it for the time being. It's also unclear whether the scene is still related to any of 343 Industries' future plans or if it was deleted because it has no intention of using it anymore.

Despite its brevity and ambiguous nature, fans have already been theorizing what it could be hinting towards and that it may have been cut because related content simply isn't ready yet. 

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The scene is barely over 30 seconds long and sees Master Chief's pilot companion pick up a signal, presumably from another ship. After calling Chief over with a "You're not going to believe this," the signal sounds "UNSC Tag detected. Designation, friend."

A common theory is that this is related to the upcoming campaign co-op feature and that the signal is being sent by whoever will serve as the second playable character, whether it simply be another Spartan or the custom character made for the multiplayer. If so, that would explain why it was cut since co-op has been delayed and won't be added to the game until later this year.

Other theories point to already established characters, such as Red Team from the Halo Wars games, Jameson Locke from Halo 5: Guardians, and even the Arbiter, although some dispute that last one, arguing that the Arbiter wouldn't use a UNSC tag. 

GameCheat13 has previously posted clips of cut Halo scenes and features on their YouTube channel, from series entries including Halo 2 and Halo 3, suggesting this scene is indeed legit. However, 343 Industries has not confirmed the cutscene's legitimacy.

TechRadar has contacted Microsoft for comment.

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