Samsung Windows 8 Series 7 PC out 'mid 2012'

Samsung Windows 8 Series 7 PC out 'mid 2012'
Series 7 to be turned up to 8

Samsung has revealed that it will have Windows 8 computers out by the middle of 2012 and that it is working on a modified version of its Series 7 laptop so that it can make use of the OS' touchscreen credentials.

This is according to Bloomberg, which is reporting that Samsung's head of sales Uhm Kyo Ho explained that it would be releasing an updated version of the Series 7 which will come with Windows 8.

You've got the touch

Windows 8 was unveiled to the world in September, with Microsoft showing off an OS which is heavily tailored for the touchscreen market.

Want to know more about Windows 8? Check out our video preview:

The Samsung Series 7 laptop – the newest of which is called the Series 7 Chronos – is one of the more desirable laptops around, so the thought of it being one of the first machines to come with Windows 8 and make full use of the touchscreen functionality is one that definitely excites.

Although we can't help but hope the new OS will find its way to the super-slim Series 9 as well.

The ties between Samsung and Microsoft are strong. When the computing giant initially revealed Windows 8, it gave thousands of developers copies of it on the Samsung Series 7 slate.

Given that this is from Bloomberg, we are pegging this rumour as a Quite Likely.

Quite likely

From Bloomberg via Gizmodo

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