HP launches smart quadcore Omni 27 all-in-one PC

HP launches smart quadcore Omni 27 all-in-one PC
No touchy

Put aside those painful memories of webOS for five minutes and cast your mind back to what HP used to do - no, not printers, but computers! Yes! Desktop Windows machines, and it's starting 2012 off with a brand new one: the HP Omni 27.

With a 27-inch edge-to-edge 1080p display and all-in-one chassis, you might instinctively put your trembling fingers out to swipe and jab the screen but you'll just end up looking a bit foolish since this puppy is non-touch only. There's always the TouchSmart range for all your physical input needs.

At the highest end of the spec scale, the Omni 27 is available with a quad-core Intel processor though, and you can opt for a 2TB hard drive, HDMI-in and a Blu-ray drive if you so desire.

Spec up

The desktop also offers Beats Audio baked in to the hardware, with Windows 7 the operating system of choice. It comes with HP's Magic Canvas software skin (which will make it look like it really ought to be a touchscreen).

Ports fans will be giddy with delight thanks to the six USB slots and multi-format memory card reader, while angle lovers will welcome the ability to tilt the screen up to 25-degrees.

HP tells us that the HP Omni 27 UK release date will be 20 February, no word yet on an official UK price tag. The all-in-one will first go on sale in the good old US of A from 8 January, with pricing starting at $1,200 (around £767).

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