HP launches new eco-friendly all-in-one PC

HP launches a new all-in-one PC that is both eco-friendly and lets you work 'clutter free' apparently

HP is set to release a new all-in-one PC that the company claims to be the 'perfect balance between form and function' with the marketing message focusing on eco-friendly efficiency and space-saving design.

HP's latest desktop will offer users a clutter-free workspace and sap up less of your 'leccy, which is clearly a good thing.

"The PC can reduce up to 13 and more cables to 1," says HP of its new All-in-One 200 offering, "the performance of a traditional tower and monitor solution in one sleek, integrated design."

The HP All-in-One desktop PC features a 54.6 cm diagonal, 1080-pixel, LED backlit, high-definition display, that tilts up to 30 degrees and swivels from side to side, along with all the to-be-expected gubbins such as an integrated webcam and built-in microphone and an optional TV tuner.

All-in-ones are becoming increasingly popular (and cheaper) with many other manufacturers, a reaction to the runaway success of the netbook in recent years, with consumers unwilling to pay over the odds for a hefty desktop machine anymore.

Compelling offering

"Today's announcement expands HP's portfolio with a compelling desktop offering for consumers and businesses who want performance, and space-saving design," claims Charl Snyman, VP and General Manager, HP Personal Systems Group, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

"This new offering consumes less energy and is proof of our commitment to reducing waste in the design, manufacturing, packaging and transportation of our products.

The HP All-in-One desktop PC will be priced from £599 and has been given a UK release date of June.