Asus unveils trio of new VivoMini PCs

Asus VivoMini PC

Asus debuted three new compact PCs and a PC-on-a-stick form factor at CES 2016. The new desktop PCs will take up less space on your desk, competing in the space as Apple's Mac Mini. These mini PCs include the VivoMini VC65, the VivoMini UN65H and the VivoMini VM65N. In addition to these miniature PC form factors, the VivoStick PC TS10 is an HDMI dongle that's not much larger than a flash drive that allows you to turn any HDTV or display into a Windows PC.

Of Asus' new mini PC lineup, the VivoMini VC65 Series is the most powerful, allowing you to use it as either a desktop PC or a NAS or mini server. The device is powered by Intel's Skylake Core processors and comes in a modular design that supports up to four storage devices.

"Their modular design accepts up to four modules, which are configurable with two additional storage drives, an additional optical disc drive, or a combination of both," Asus said in a statement.

Asus VivoMini

Asus VivoMini UN65H and VM65N

Designed for the home or small office, the VivoMini UN65H is equipped with Intel's Skylake Core i processor and comes with dual storage bays that you can configure with up to a 1TB 2.5-inch hard drive, 256GB M.2 form factor SSD or a combination of both.

The mini PC comes with "an extensive array of connectivity options," including support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi, according to Asus.

Like its other siblings in the VivoMini line, the VivoMini VM65N is a mini PC that's powwered by Intel's Skylake Core processor. This PC features a unique dual-storage design that can accommodate either two 2.5-inch hard drives or a single 3.5-inch drive for flexibility. There's support for discrete Nvidia graphics, 4K UHD support, DDR4 memory and USB 3.1 ports.

Asus VivoStick


A PC-on-a-stick is a great way to upcycle an existing display by making it smarter. In this case, the VivoStick PC TS10 is a Windows 10 PC that's fully contained on a USB dongle. The stick is powered by Intel's Cherry Trail Atom processor and includes two USB ports for expansion. It supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and comes with audio jack.

Additionally, Miracast support means you can share and play content from any device.

Asus didn't provide pricing or availability information at this time for its mini PC solutions. The company advised that availability will vary by region.